During the summer of 2007, a group of architecture grad students from the University of South Florida went on a seven week study abroad semester in Japan. One of them kept a journal...

   This book preserves the original journal entries with just minor corrections, along with additional annotation and over 400 images (black & white), included alongside the journal entries for the first time. Additionally, an address is provided to an online archive of the included photos (in color) plus 2,000 more.

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   Arnie's favorite thing to do was to run around and see what he could find. But one day Arnie found something new, though it had been there all along. It was a great big, enormous, neverending wall. He wondered what could be behind it. He was sure it would be new places to run and explore.

   This children's book features a group of seven friends who confront a mysterious and (as the title suggests!) massive wall, and the adventure that results. The book is 8"x8" and 26 pages, with color illustration on every-other page. Recommended for ages three to ten, or grown-ups who are still kids at heart. 1st grade reading level.

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   Correspondence of Thieves owes its origin to an email-based role-play (e-play) conducted in 1999 & 2000 between five individuals brought together by their love of the PC game Thief: The Dark Project by Looking Glass Studios. Inspired by this setting, the five authors took turns telling the story from the perspective of invented characters until a complete adventure was told, and then posted online one chapter at a time for all to enjoy.

   In 2005 one of those five contributors chose to rewrite the e-play into a novel, which you are now viewing. This novel greatly expands upon and revises the plot of the original work, while remaining true to the personalities of the five who invented it.

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   Morden Wakes Up is a companion piece to my Master of Architecture Thesis, The First Icomde. It's written as if it were a chapter of a novel, (I suggest chapter 2) set within the building I was proposing in my thesis. It's near-future science fiction, written in the style of a detective novel, with a bit of political intrigue.

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   This unofficially titled work is based on a pair of very short stories I wrote many years ago, All There is to See and Existences not Dissimilar. It is currently unfinished, though it's written in its entirety. I hope to have it illustrated.

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