Archasis is the evolution of two Unreal Tournament modifications - Archasis: Battle for Durian (UT2004) and Archasis II (UT3). It infuses elements of First-Person Shooters, RPG’s, and World Conquest games into a fantasy realm of swordsmanship and magic.

   The project is now an official UDK licensee, in development by virtual studio VectorSource LLC. During the Summer and Fall of 2010 I contrinbuted environmental art and some measure of level building to the project, with the intention of eventually transitioning to level designer. I officially resigned from the project after being offered a position at Arkane Studios.

   My contributions were focused on the creation of a modular log cabin mesh set, able to be used by other designers to create a plethora of different log buildings, as well as the design of a series of specific structures for use in the game's tutorial mission.

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   During its previous incarnations as an Unreal Tournament Modification, Archasis recieved the following commendations in the Make Something Unreal Contest:

   Phase 3 - Best Non-FPS Game (Fourth Place)
   Phase 4 - Best Non-FPS Game (Second Place)
   Phase 4 - Best Art In A Game Mod (Finalist)
   Phase 4 - Best Level for a Mod (Finalist, "Tresh'el Crossing")
   Finalist in Grand Finals for Best Game

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