This Cathedral is part of the still unannounced revival of Black Cat Games' Nightblade for the UDK. After experiencing the joy of lightmass, I knew that I wanted to create something where the interplay of light and shadow was emphasized and dramatic. I had already attempted to create a cathedral using Unreal Technology a year before, so it only seemed natural to redo that building from scratch in the new engine.

   The geometry is entirely static meshes. Though there are 2600 static meshes in the scene, an extremely high level of instancing and modularity of only 240 unique meshes means that performance is very high. With no occlusion, the level never drops below sixty frames per second even while running at 1600x1200. (This is on an intel quad core, 4 gigs of ram, nvidia 8800 GPU.)

   The work presented here is still an early work-in-progress of the map. In addition to proper textures and details throughout, several additional church buildings will be added (such as a cloister and meeting chambers) as well as extensive additional work to the cathedral's interior. A city to surround the cathedral is also planned.

Nightblade Cathedral Demo Reel

   January of 2009 was when I originally set out to create a cathedral using unreal technology. This haunted cathedral, based on the building of the same name from Thief 1, is the result. I am including these images here to indicated how far I have advanced in the past year.

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