I began work on The Nine Year Sleep shortly after dromed was released for Thief 1 (back in 2000) under the title Beyond the Glass Wall. My goal was to create a mission reminiscent of Ultima Underworld (which was and is a favorite of mine). After working on it off and on for several years (and switching to Thief 2) I abandoned the project in favor of others, and eventually Mission X.

   In 2009 after my graduation I wanted a project to help me get some practice working in 3dsmax. Rather than start a new project or join someone else's, I dusted off my old unfinished creation, gave it a new name (Nine Year Sleep, because it had been nine years since I had started it!), and set about revising and completing it.

   Using my developing skills with Max and Photoshop, I reimagined each area in such a way that challenged my abilities and pushed the ten-year-old Dark Engine to its limits, and often beyond. I threw out all of Thief 2's assets and created everything myself, from scratch. I learned to trick and cheat the engine in numerous ways to craft environments far more lush and detailed than should have been possible. What was one level soon before four, as the setting expanded and took shape, and the plot evolved.

   The project is currently in the hands of a new team, without my direct involvement.

   The images presented here show the difference between four screenshots taken around 2000 and their corresponding areas after my work in 2009. The "before" screenshots are similar to the graphics in Thief 2.

   The majority of the time spend on Nine Year Sleep in 2009 was working in 3dsmax and Photoshop, developing my skill with those programs and finding ways to push the ten-year-old Dark Engine to its rendering capacity. Over 700 meshes were created for the project.

Copyright Daniel E. Todd 2010